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You’ve served our country and whether you’re currently transitioning, taking the next step in your civilian career, are retired, are a member of our National Guard and Reserves, or are a military spouse—we’re grateful for your service and confident your skill set will be of value in IT at Nestlé. We think you’ll fit in well here with your courage, collaboration and passion about technology.

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"Information Technology at Nestlé North America values an inclusive culture and a diverse set of backgrounds. Talent from every branch of the military service complements our agile and innovative environment in many ways. Military service members offer skills such as the ability to adapt, work well under pressure, lead through integrity, and enable others to learn and grow. The unique assets gained from an inclusive and diverse culture help us better serve our customers."

Sabine R.CIO, IT at Nestlé, North America
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Helpful Tips Writing Your Résumé For Civilian Readers

As civilians, there is one thing we are certain of regarding your military background—a résumé doesn't do your experience enough justice. However, it's your ticket into the recruiting process, whether it be at Nestlé or someplace else, so we hope these insights will help you craft your military/professional story.

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"The military provided constant challenges and brought constant change into my life. I learned quickly you have to depend on your teammates to make it through. When there are lives on the line, it heightens the need to look out for each other. In civilian life, I carry this mentality with me at work in IT and at home. This mentality allows me to adapt to the challenges and constant change in technology."

MichaelSenior Project Manager and Infantry (11B), Rank Specialist E-4, U.S. Navy, Rank RM2 E-5
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Behavior-Based Interviews How To Succeed

Behavior-based interviewing has been around for over 25 years and has begun to shed light on research showing that past performance is a strong predictor of future performance. Both our phone interview and face-to-face interview processes (which may be virtual at times) are behavior based. In this type of interview, questions are structured to extract specific examples and experiences from you—as the interviewee—to help determine how you may react or behave in similar situations you might face within your new civilian role.

Here's the tricky part. As a service member, it’s challenging for an interviewer without your unique experience to fully understand the stresses and experiences you've endured while in uniform. However, we have all the confidence in the world you may have what it takes to exceed expectations on the job here at Nestlé.

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  • Think about the desired behaviors Nestlé (or another employer) is seeking based on what you see in the job posting (e.g. teamwork, ability to influence, initiative, work ethic, problem solving, etc.).
  • Also think of specific examples from previous experiences (in the military or otherwise) that highlight your individual skills. You may wonder how infantry or artillery expertise can transfer to the corporate world—don’t focus so much on the hard military skills, but what skills or traits did you gain from acquiring that knowledge and experience? And how can that transfer over?
  • Write your examples and notes down and review them before the interview—often times, seeing it visually can help. In fact, you can bring those notes with you to the interview if you choose to. Our interview process is not a test, so there’s no harm in jogging your memory with a few notes.
  • Be prepared for the interviewer to ask follow-up questions to probe deeper into each of your examples to help further understand your technical knowledge or how you approached specific issues.

*Remember, our knowledge of processes and technologies used in the military may be very limited. We don’t expect to fully understand the details, but we will need to be able to gauge if the behavior/actions you exhibited were appropriate for the situation.

  • Think of behavior-based interviewing as storytelling. Explain the situation, behavior, and outcome for each example you provide. Explaining the situation should be brief—give us some concise context to set the scene. The majority of your storytelling will be about the specific behaviors you exhibited.
  • Focus on most recent examples from the military or other jobs. What do we mean by "examples"? Situations in which you solved a technical problem, developed a solution, or overcame adversity that led to an effective outcome.
  • Be confident and proud of what you've accomplished, whether it be while serving in the military or someplace else. Stick to the facts and practice articulating your specific actions (behaviors) within each situation. Practicing this with a friend or family member may help this process feel more realistic.
  • Take your time. It's better to take a moment to breathe and think of a good example than to answer too quickly with a poor one.
  • Err on the side of giving more details than you think you need to describe each situation and behaviors. Especially when it comes to explaining military terminology or processes.
  • Don't be afraid to take credit—define your role in the group/combat team/battalion (or otherwise) when explaining a situation. Use "I", not "we" when you’re able.

We expect you’ll have some questions for us, too. But, don’t ask questions just to ask questions. Bring to us your curiosity so we can help confirm if we’re the right fit for you.

It is very important to us that we help you to succeed in this process. Should you receive a face-to-face interview after the phone interview, you will have an opportunity to speak with a member of our Recruiting Team to ask any questions you have about next step of the interview process.

We're here for support—we salute you!

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IT at Nestlé values a culture of diverse backgrounds and skills—when we bring people together to look at problems from very different vantage points, we begin to see solutions we may not have found otherwise. Military men and women are a critical part of this equation, and we’re proud to be recognized as a 2020 Military Friendly Employer. We’re waiting for the leadership, integrity, problem solving and #ONETeam mentality we know you’ll bring forward. #AllNforVets

The military provided constant challenges and brought constant change into my life. I learned quickly you have to depend on your teammates to make it through. When there are lives on the line, it heightens the need to look out for each other. In civilian life, I carry this mentality with me at work in IT and at home. This mentality allows us to adapt to the challenges and constant change in technology."— Michael, Senior Project Manager and Infantry (11B), Rank Specialist E-4, U.S. Navy #AllNforVets

Honoring those who served in the United States Armed Forces—thank you for your service. #VeteransDay #AllNforVets

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