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If I see a position I'm interested in online, but I don't meet every qualification listed, is it still worth applying anyway?

Every résumé that meets all of the basic qualifications listed on the job posting will be reviewed by our Talent Sourcing team. We recommend only applying to positions in which you meet each qualification listed. If you don't see a position posted that fits your skills and experience, you can join our Nestlé Information Technology Talent Network receive relevant job alerts directly to your inbox when new positions are posted online.

What's the recruiting process like?

We respect your time, so we move as quickly as we can throughout the process. You must apply online to a posted position in order to be considered for any of our roles at Nestlé. Once we receive your application, we will communicate with you by email and/or phone to inform you quickly as to any next steps. We require a phone interview, as well as one face-to-face or virtual interview with the team in which you would work with on the job. We welcome questions and are impressed when candidates do their research. You’re getting to know us just as much as we’re ensuring you’re the right fit for the position. To learn more about the individual steps in our recruiting process, or for tips to succeed in the interviews, click here.

I recently applied to a posted position. How can I check the status of my application?

You'll receive an automated confirmation by email that your application was received. If you do not receive this communication from us, first check your spam folder. If nothing lands in your spam, there is a chance your online application was somehow not completed. In this case, sign back in using the credentials you created. Upon successful application submission, you can log back in at any time using those same credentials to see the status of your application through our recruiting process. As you know, system glitches can happen, but we aim to ensure you receive appropriate communications in a timely manner from our Talent Sourcing team. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your application submission, you can contact our NesCareers Support Team at: 1-877-204-8650 or

If I'm not willing to relocate from where I currently live, are there opportunities to work virtually?

There may be opportunities for virtual work depending on the position. However, we aim to bring the majority of our network of IT employees to St. Louis, Missouri where our IT organization is based, or to the different locations where our other Nestlé businesses are around the U.S. Learn more about our available locations here.

What opportunities are available to develop in my IT career at Nestlé?

Working at the largest food company in the world offers opportunities to work with experts in our business around the globe. We provide various ways of learning and growing in your role and within the organization, facilitated by our Workforce and Transformation team out of St. Louis, Missouri. In-person or online classes, seminars, training, and conferences are offered to ensure you have the resources and knowledge needed to accelerate Nestlé in its digital transformation. to continue challenging how we do all things tech. You own your career; the ways in which you prefer to learn and how you want to grow are up to you—we'll proudly support you along the way.

What's the culture like in /IT at Nestlé?

We’re a multicultural and diverse team of IT professionals driving the biggest IT operations landscape and digital transformation of the CPG, or Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry. What does that mean for you? It means that we enable Nestlé to engage with millions of consumers using a product-driven approach with leading technologies and solutions. We innovate through technologies like machine learning, advanced analytics and automation and we’re driving industry 4.0 opportunities in areas like supply chain and manufacturing. We look for people who are curious, courageous, innovative, collaborative and passionate about solving complex problems using new technologies.

What benefits and perks should I expect to receive upon becoming an employee of Nestlé?

We offer competitive packages for medical, dental/vision, and 401K, for both you and your family. Additionally, we offer one of the most progressive parental support policies for parents. And after three years of service with Nestlé, you and your children qualify for tuition reimbursement to pursue any further education. Corporate discounts, opportunities for business travel, free access to a local wellness center and easy-access covered parking – plus much more when you're part of the Nestlé network. Click here for more details about our individual benefits and perks both on and off the job.

How many different Nestlé businesses are there?

There are 9 different Nestlé businesses across the globe, which we refer to as "operating companies":

As a global IT function, the work we do will support all of the functions and operations across these operating companies. There are some local IT employees based at the U.S. headquarter locations of each of these businesses.

What should I do if I suspect suspicious activity from Nestlé recruitment processes?

There are fraudulent e-mails and fake campaigns circulating on the internet from people pretending to represent Nestlé. Some emails claim that you have won a competition, or will receive a special prize. Others encourage you to apply for non-existent jobs at Nestlé. In other cases, fraudsters provide actual job contracts with false signatures from members of our executive board. In return the requester asks you to provide your personal details, and in some cases, money. We are also aware of fake or compromised LinkedIn profiles, created for the same purpose. These are hoaxes. Please ignore any request to send your personal details. We would never operate in this way.

If you have received or are aware of this type of communication and have concerns, please report it to us via This will allow us to pursue potential legal options against fraudsters.